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Sawatdee Khaa,


My name is Ladda, I am a Thai and for more than 20 years, I have been traveling in South East Asia, to looking for the tribal art such as Thai art, Shan or Khmer art to showcases the Asian craftsmanship craftsmen 


Sometimes modern, sometimes ancestral and often spiritual, our Asian heritage is rich of details and history  

Such as creator as well of art and furniture, I want perpetuate the traditions and keep our cultures

Is the reason why I created  "Apsara",  my new Art Shop, heir of my first shop "Hua Hin Home Art".

With "Apsara", I want to go further to make you discover the Asian arts and make sure that you do not just buy a simple object.

WIth our team we also offer you more services with handcraft creations and custom furniture.


Welcome to Apsara


Ladda Punyachaorensin

Owner of Apsara Art

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